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Cloudian HyperStore Flash 1000
HyperStore All-Flash Storage Appliance

Cloudian HyperStore Flash 1000

Cloudian HyperStore Flash 1000 Appliance

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  • High-performance 1U platform
  • 12x hot swappable 2.5" NVMe drives (including 2x drives for metadata)
  • 76.8TB or 153.6TB raw storage capacity
  • 10/25GbE and 40/100GbE networking options



Cloudian HyperStore Flash 1000 Series is the all-flash based, 1U-high enterprise object storage including 76.8TB to 153.6TB capacity per appliance. It is ideal for performance-intensive workloads, flash-based nodes provide lower latency and higher throughput performance than HDD-based nodes. Each appliance includes 12 NVMe drives, pair of 26-core processors, and multiple 10/25GbE or 40/100GbE networking options..

HyperStore all-flash appliances are built for demanding performance centric workflows where deterministic access times and lower latency is more critical. Each model is fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore software. Appliances are available with several metadata drive, data capacity for object storage, networking connectivity, and end-end support packages including options for on-site service and support.

Enterprise Object Storage

Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage solves your biggest storage challenges. Deploy HyperStore nodes wherever you need capacity storage, then scale seamlessly. Employ HDD-based platforms for the industry’s lowest TCO. Or leverage all-flash and get 3X better price/performance than competing systems. Cloudian HyperStore is the antidote to storage complexity.

Consolidate your unstructured data— both objects and files—to a single, limitlessly scalable storage pool with Cloudian HyperStore and HyperStore Flash. Available as either standalone software or fully integrated appliances, HyperStore enterprise object storage provides unlimited capacity scalability, intuitive management tools, uncompromising data protection and the industry’s most compatible S3 API implementation—all at 70% less cost than traditional disk-based storage systems.


  • Choose from HDD or all-flash versions
  • Limitlessly scalable capacity
  • Start with just three nodes and grow
  • Non-disruptive capacity expansion
  • 100% native S3 API for guaranteed compatibility
  • Replication and erasure coding
  • Bucket-level granularity for all storage policies
  • Encryption for secure data storage
  • Comprehensive multi-tenant services
  • Quality of Service (QoS) controls
  • Integrated billing, management, and software
  • Geographically distributed replication

Use Cases

  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • File consolidation
  • Media active archive
  • Collaboration
  • File lifecycle management
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)
  • Data analytics
HyperStore Diagram

Software-Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage

Deploy Cloudian HyperStore software on the platform of your choice. Compatible with industry-standard servers, Cloudian gives you the widest possible choice of bare-metal servers or virtual machines. Use HDD-based servers for capacity-intensive applications, or leverage Cloudian flash-optimized software for the highest performance on all-flash devices. Or combine HDD and flash in an adaptive hybrid configuration with intelligent data placement. Regardless of the platform, you get all HyperStore features and functionality.



  • High-performance 1U platform
  • 12x hot swappable 2.5" NVMe drives (including 2x drives for metadata)
  • 76.8TB or 153.6TB raw storage capacity
  • 10/25GbE and 40/100GbE networking options

Modular Growth

Cloudian HyperStore consists of storage nodes that join to form a limitless cluster. As requirements grow, you simply add nodes. Traditional storage grows in complexity as your capacity expands and systems proliferate. Cloudian stays simple with a single storage fabric. Deploy nodes as either pre-configured appliances – with capacities from 48TB to 1.5PB per appliance – or as software-defined storage on the server of your choice, Cloudian nodes make it easy to grow.

Modular Growth

File and Object Together

File and Object Together

Cloudian combines file and object storage in one limitlessly scalable environment. For SMB and NFS file services, employ the HyperFile NAS Controller. Available as either a pre-configured appliance or a VM-based application, HyperFile delivers scalable file services from HyperStore object storage. The result is a single, limitlessly-scalable common storage pool.

HyperStore Flash

Flash storage delivers great performance, but it’s expensive. Cloudian now offers an S3-compatible, all-flash solution that cuts cost by 2/3 vs other all-flash storage solutions. Choose from software-defined-storage or preconfigured appliances. Either way, it’s flash storage you can afford.

Cloudian Saves Cost Four Ways

  1. Industry-standard hardware platform: There are no proprietary components to drive up cost. We use the latest, most efficient hardware designs to deliver outstanding performance and superior value.
  2. Software-defined storage option: Leverage the hardware vendor of your choice, including gear from HPE, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, QCT, SuperMicro, etc. Cloudian installs quickly on standard X86 servers. Deploy either QLC SSD and NVMe SSD media to meet your specific use case and cost objectives.
  3. Efficient software design: Our peer-to-peer architecture runs as a single software image per server. There are no extra services such as access layers required — the S3 API is native and all cluster management services are built-in.
  4. Adaptive hybrid architecture: A built-in data tiering feature lets you transparently migrate infrequently used data to less expensive storage. This is a standard feature.

Choose Software or a Pre-configured Appliance

Cloudian’s appliance saves you 3X on cost-per-capacity versus competitive storage-grade all-flash products. Our new HyperStore Flash 1000 appliance offers 77 TB and 154 TB capacities in a 1U form factor. The flash media is 64-layer, TLC, NVMe technology, designed for high-performance and exceptional endurance.

Each node employs two Intel Gold 6230R processors with 26 cores each and 52 threads for superior multitasking. The design also includes 256GB RAM and networking options up to 100GbE. The platform is perfectly balanced, with the optimal configuration of processor, memory and flash to deliver the greatest value.

To ensure high performance, the multi-threaded architecture services storage requests while management tasks run in parallel. Furthermore, any server node in the cluster can respond to any storage request, delivering massive parallelism. This parallelism also means that performance grows as nodes are added. There is no separate controller to add cost or create bottlenecks. Performance scales linearly.

Pre-configured and ready to install, the appliance is available with a range of professional services, support programs, and instructor-led training.

Flash Diagram

Adaptive Hybrid Architecture Optimizes Data Placement for an Additional 40% Cost Savings

To achieve further cost savings Cloudian offers an adaptive hybrid architecture. Not all data needs to reside on the highest-performance storage. The challenge is how to easily manage data placement. This policy-based data management engine — which is included with HyperStore at no extra charge — transparently migrates cold data from Cloudian flash devices to lower-cost HDD-based Cloudian storage.

The cost savings can be quite significant. On average, users find that 60% of their unstructured data has not been accessed in the last year. By migrating that cold data to HDD-based storage – which costs about 1/3 as much – you can reduce overall costs by 40% vs flash-only storage.

Data Tiering That is Transparent and Easy to Manage

Cloudian’s adaptive hybrid architecture employs three features that make this capability especially powerful. Together, these ensure cost savings and easy management:

  1. Policy-based, transparent migration: You set the policy that determines what data gets migrated and when. Choose from a variety of rules such as access patterns, data ownership, object size, etc.
  2. All data is searchable on one platform: When an object is migrated, a copy of that object’s metadata is retained on the flash platform. Data search can still be conducted entirely on a single system.
  3. Transparent re-hydration: If a migrated object is requested, it will be transparently retrieved from the HDD-based platform. No operator intervention is required.

Now you can get the benefits of flash at 40% less cost, with no additional management workload and with no added software to buy and maintain. The feature is built-in to HyperStore.

Cloudian HyperIQ
Complete Visibility with Cloudian HyperIQ

You get visibility into user behavior and service levels with Cloudian HyperIQ observability and analytics software. Monitor performance levels and access patterns. See who is accessing what data. In an adaptive hybrid configuration, see how frequently data is being retrieved from HDD storage so you can tune your migration rules accordingly. HyperIQ gives you a 360-degree view of your global Cloudian storage infrastructure.


Cloudian HyperStore offers more capabilities that boost interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency.

Proven S3 API

Proven S3 API

The industry’s highest S3 API compliance ensures investment protection

File Support

File Support

SMB and NFS support with HyperFile NAS Controller software

Exabyte Scalability

Exabyte Scalability

Hyperscale data fabric for limitless growth

Modular Growth

Modular Growth

Scale capacity and performance with additional nodes

GEO Distribution

GEO Distribution

Locate storage any place, manage from one place

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Connect to public cloud for DR or added capacity


Start Small and Grow

Start small with initial deployments of just a few HyperStore nodes. As demand grows, expand capacity non-disruptively by adding nodes to your cluster. Unlike some systems that require all nodes to be identical, HyperStore lets you add nodes of any size. Flexibly grow from terabytes to petabytes with no down time.

Works with Your Applications

Only HyperStore offers a 100% native S3 API for objects, plus SMB/NFS for files. Proven in over six years of deployments, HyperStore’s S3 API offers guaranteed compatibility with your S3-enabled applications. For files, select the optional SMB/NFS interface. Deploy with your applications, or leverage our growing partner ecosystem.

Save 70% vs Conventional Storage

At costs down to ½ cent per GB per month, HyperStore’s efficient architecture and industry-standard components save you 70% on CAPEX. Massive scalability and lights-out management result in 95% less overhead. And you’ll save on rack space: up to 980TB in just 4U height.

Uncompromising Data Durability

Get up to 14 nines data durability and configurable data protection. Only HyperStore lets you customize data protection for various data types within a cluster. Select from multiple levels of data replication and erasure coding.

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Implement DR using HyperStore’s integrated tools. Deploy across multiple data centers or regions to provide redundancy and resilience in the event of a data center failure. Configurable consistency levels let you select either synchronous or asynchronous replication.

Scalable Performance

Processes multiple requests in parallel, across all nodes in HyperStore’s sharednothing cluster. This eliminates bottlenecks and allows performance to grow as you add nodes. For large file transfers, multi-part upload lets you transfer files seamlessly between sites or to the public cloud.


Establish multiple user spaces with HyperStore’s multi-tenancy capabilities. Provide individual management domains and namespaces within a shared cluster. Cloudian offers QoS controls and billing features that let you manage bandwidth and chargebacks.

Intuitive Management

Manage Cloudian via the intuitive webbased GUI or automate tasks using the RESTful API. Cluster management tasks are simple as well. Add or remove nodes and update system software without disruption.

Public Cloud Integration

Cloudian offers integration with all major public cloud services, including Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Use policy-based tiering to either migrate or replicate data from the Cloudian cluster. View both public cloud data and local data on a single screen. Bimodal access lets public cloud-based applications directly access cloudresident data.

Variable-size Metadata Tags

Record metadata along with user data to facilitate data management and data search. Elastic Search integration provides near real-time search capability. Variable metadata tag sizes give you flexibility not found in other object storage systems.


HyperStore AES-256 Server-Side Encryption enables enterprises and service providers to easily encrypt data stored at rest. SSL encryption ensures data confidentiality for data in transit (HTTPS). And with S3 compatible ACLs, bucket policies, and IAM, system administrators can better manage access to buckets and objects.

Software or Appliance— Your Choice

Available as either software or a fully-integrated appliance, Cloudian HyperStore lets you choose the deployment model that meets your business needs. Software can be deployed on either industry-standard servers or virtual machines.

Deployment Options:

Deploy as on-premises storage, distributed storage, or storage-as-a- service.



Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud






HyperStore Flash 1000 Specifications
Form Factor 1U rack mount chassis
Metadata Drives 2x U.2 15mm NVMe Flash
Metadata Drive Sizes 3.84TB and 7.68TB options
Data Drives 10x U.2 15mm NVMe Flash
Data Drive Sizes 7.68TB and 15.36TB options
Storage Capacity Raw 76.8TB or 153.6TB
Data Protection Replication and erasure coding via storage policies
Redundancy Hot swappable disk drives
2x hot swappable power supplies
No single point of failure
Non-disruptive online software upgrades
CPU 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6230R 2.1G, 35.75M Cache, 26C/52T
Memory 256GB
Network Interfaces* 2x 10GBase-T (built-in and available as data ports)
Additional network card options include up to 2x dual port 10/25GbE NIC, or 1x dual port 10/25GbE and 1x dual port 40/100GbE NIC
Monitoring/Management CLI, GUI, API, IPMI, JMX
Power Supply 1200W Titanium PSU, 1+1 Redundancy, 100-200V AC
Cooling 8 heavy-duty fans w/ optimal fan speed control
Thermal Rating 2700 BTU/hr
Dimensions 17.2" x 1.7" x 29.1" / 437mm x 43mm x 739mm
Weight 54 lbs (24.5 kg)
IO Ports 2x 10GBase-T RJ45 LAN Ports (built-in)
1x RJ45 LAN Port (Dedicated IPMI Management port)
2x USB 3.0 ports
1x VGA port
1x serial header port
Operating Environment Operating temperature: 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Non-operating temperature: -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Operating relative humidity: 8% to 90%RH
Non-operating relative humidity: 5% to 95%RH

*SFP transceivers and network cabling not included and must be supplied by the customer.



Download the Cloudian HyperStore Object Storage Datasheet (.PDF)

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Cloudian HyperStore Flash 1000 Appliance
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