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Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme 4516S
HyperScale S3-Compatible Storage for Private Clouds

Cloudian HyperStore 4000

Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme 4516S Appliance

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  • Ultra-dense 4U platform
  • 1536TB capacity (raw)
  • 2 nodes in 1 chassis
  • 96x hot-swappable 3.5" disk drives (48 per node)
  • 4x hot-swappable 2.5” SSDs
  • 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110 (2.1 GHz, 8C/16T, 11M cache)
  • 256GB (128GB per node) Memory
  • Up to 4x 10/25GbE networking per node; 40/100Gb networking option available



At 1.5PB in a 4U-high chassis, the HyperStore Xtreme provides 79% more storage density. It is pack up to 18PB in a data center rack. The dual controller design includes two independent cluster nodes in a single enclosure. Three appliances provide six independent nodes. It is fully redundant power and cooling, plus hot-swappable components. Performance features include four 1.92TB SSDs for metadata, four Intel Xeon Silver processors, and eight 10Gb Ethernet ports.

Accommodate your most capacity-intensive workloads with Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme. Built on a new ultra-dense Seagate server platform, the HyperStore Xtreme object storage system packs more than 1.5 petabytes of capacity in just 4U of rack height. Get the scalable, S3-compatible storage you need for use cases such as big data, media archives, healthcare records, and video surveillance. Intuitive management tools and built-in data protection make it easy to manage and grow.

HyperStore Xtreme Appliance

The Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme appliance, Powered by Seagate, delivers the industry’s highest enterprise storage density to save you space and cost. Fully integrated with Cloudian HyperStore software, it is available with end-to-end support packages, professional services, and administrator certification programs.


  • 1.5PB capacity in 4U of rack height
  • Up to 18PB per data center rack
  • Limitlessly scalable capacity
  • Non-disruptive capacity expansion
  • Fully native S3 API for guaranteed application compatibility
  • Efficient data protection with replication and erasure coding
  • Bucket-level granularity for all storage policies
  • Encryption for secure data storage
  • Comprehensive multi-tenant services
  • Quality of Service (QoS) controls
  • Integrated billing, management, and software
  • Multi-data center support via replication and erasure coding


  • Fully native S3 API support
  • Non-disruptive, modular expansion
  • Scalability to an exabyte
  • Hybrid, multi-cloud ready
  • Policy-based tiering / replication to the cloud
  • Native compatibility with AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Data protection via erasure coding and/or replication
  • Bucket-level configuration settings
  • Geo-distribution with replication and/or distributed EC
  • WORM support
  • Multi-tenancy, QoS, billing support
HyperStore Diagram

Modular Growth

Cloudian HyperStore consists of storage nodes that join to form a limitless cluster. As requirements grow, you simply add nodes. Traditional storage grows in complexity as your capacity expands and systems proliferate. Cloudian stays simple with a single storage fabric. Deploy nodes as either pre-configured appliances – with capacities from 48TB to 1.5PB per appliance – or as software-defined storage on the server of your choice, Cloudian nodes make it easy to grow.

Modular Growth

File and Object Together

File and Object Together

Cloudian combines file and object storage in one limitlessly scalable environment. For SMB and NFS file services, employ the HyperFile NAS Controller. Available as either a pre-configured appliance or a VM-based application, HyperFile delivers scalable file services from HyperStore object storage. The result is a single, limitlessly-scalable common storage pool.


Cloudian HyperStore offers more capabilities that boost interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency.

Proven S3 API

Proven S3 API

The industry’s highest S3 API compliance ensures investment protection

File Support

File Support

SMB and NFS support with HyperFile NAS Controller software

Exabyte Scalability

Exabyte Scalability

Hyperscale data fabric for limitless growth

Modular Growth

Modular Growth

Scale capacity and performance with additional nodes

GEO Distribution

GEO Distribution

Locate storage any place, manage from one place

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Connect to public cloud for DR or added capacity


S3-Compatible and Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Ready

Cloudian’s native S3 API implementation offers the industry’s highest level of S3 interoperability, letting you capitalize on the rapidly growing ecosystem of S3-enabled applications. It’s also compatible with public cloud platforms including AWS, Google, and Microsoft, HyperStore Xtreme includes data management tools that make it easy to integrate your on-prem and cloud storage environments.

Reduced Data Center Footprint

At 1536TB capacity in a 4U chassis, the HyperStore Xtreme appliance is the industry’s most space-efficient enterprise storage system. The chassis incorporates two separate storage nodes per 4U enclosure, each with independent Intel processors and connectivity resources. You scale by simply adding devices, so you can grow from petabytes to an exabyte with no interruption.

Cost Savings Now, and Into the Future

At less than ½ cent per GB per month, HyperStore Xtreme delivers over 70% savings when compared with either traditional enterprise storage or public cloud storage. When it’s time to expand, you’ll save even more. Cloudian’s evergreen architecture and Seagate’s accelerated component/system integration process let you benefit from industry-leading technology, both now and into the future.

File and Object Storage Support

Proven in over seven years of deployments, HyperStore’s native S3 API implementation eliminates gateways or access layers to give you guaranteed compatibility with your S3-enabled applications. For files, deploy Cloudian HyperFile, the optional SMB/NFS interface. Together with Cloudian HyperStore, HyperFile provides a cost-effective solution for your capacity-intensive, less-frequently used files.

Uncompromising Data Durability

Get up to 14 nines data durability and configurable data protection. Only HyperStore offers granular management that lets you customize data protection for various data types within a cluster. Select from multiple levels of data replication and erasure coding.

Integrated Multi-Site Capability

Extend your storage with the industry’s most flexible geodistribution architecture. Replicate data across regions to provide local access and resilience in the event of a data center failure. Configurable consistency levels let you select either synchronous or asynchronous replication. Or employ distributed erasure coding to stripe data across sites as a highly-efficient disaster recovery option.

Scalable Performance

Process multiple requests in parallel, across all nodes in HyperStore’s shared-nothing cluster. This eliminates bottlenecks and allows performance to grow as you add nodes. For large file transfers, multi-part upload lets you transfer files seamlessly between sites or to the public cloud.


Establish multiple user spaces with HyperStore’s multi-tenancy capabilities. Provide individual management domains and namespaces within a shared cluster. Cloudian offers QoS controls and billing features that let you manage bandwidth and chargebacks.

Intuitive Management

Manage Cloudian via the intuitive GUI or automate tasks using the RESTful API. Cluster management tasks are simple as well. Add or remove nodes and update system software without disruption.

Variable-size Metadata Tags

Record metadata along with user data to facilitate data management and data search. Elastic Search integration provides near real-time search capability. Variable metadata tag sizes give you flexibility not found in other object storage systems.


HyperStore AES-256 Server-Side Encryption enables enterprises and service providers to easily encrypt data stored at rest. SSL encryption ensures data confidentiality for data in transit (HTTPS). And with S3-compatible object-level ACLs, system administrators can better manage access to buckets and objects.

Deployment Options:

Deploy as on-premises storage, distributed storage, or storage-as-a- service.



Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud






Model/Configuration HSX-4516S HSX-4516G
CPU 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4110 (2.1 GHz, 8C/16T, 11M cache) 2x Intel Xeon Gold 5118 (2.3 GHz, 12C/24T, 16.5M cache)
Memory 256GB (128GB per node) 512GB (256GB per node)
Thermal Rating 7848 BTU/hr (max) 8565 BTU/hr (max)
Weight 330 lbs / 149.7Kg 330.24 lbs. / 149.8Kg
Metadata Drive Sizes 1.92TB 3.84TB
Metadata Drives 4x 2.5” SAS SSD (2 per node)
Data Drives 96x 3.5” SAS HDD (48 per node, 7200 RPM)
Drive Sizes 16TB
Storage Capacity Raw 1536TB
Form Factor 2 nodes in a 4U rack mount chassis
Data Protection Replication and erasure coding via storage policies
Redundancy Hot-swappable disk drives
4x hot swappable power supplies
No single point of failure
Non-disruptive online software upgrades
Network Interfaces* 8x 10GbE (SFP+, 4 per node); 25GbE (SFP28) and 100Gb (QSFP28) options
Monitoring/Management CLI, GUI, API, IPMI, JMX
Power Supply 2x 3200W PSU, 200-240V AC
Cooling (4) 8056 + (1) 6056 dual-rotor fans
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.4" x 6.95” x 44.8” / 441mm x 176.4mm x 1139mm
IO Ports Rear per node: (1) USB 3.0 port; (1) HDMI port; (1) GbE RJ45 management
Operating Environment Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Non-operating temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Operating relative humidity: 10% to 80%RH
Non-operating relative humidity: 5% to 90%RH



Download the Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme Datasheet (.PDF)

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Cloudian HyperStore Appliance
Cloudian HyperStore Xtreme 4516S Appliance
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